7 Weird Things Guys Say To An Escort

If your a guy and you’ve booked an Escort for a date keep in mind what an Escort girl may already have heard and there are some questions you just plain don’t ask from a working girl

#1 You Don’t Look Like An Escort

Most escorts don’t actually go around looking like an escort, they are pretty normal girls. If you were to meet an escort outside of her work, you’ll find that she is just like any other normal girl, she enjoys going out with her friends, getting herself an education or looking forward to starting up a successful business, however they hear this a lot and it can be a put off to be labelled as an Escort


#2 So How Much Do You Earn

Unless your from the HMRC or her personal accountant it’s wise not to ask an Escort how much she earn at any given time, it get’s you off on the wrong foot if your meeting her for the first time and also has the added bonus of making you look crass and uninformed.

If you really want to know how much an escort earns a quick Google search will give you hints about an Escorts average earning and they are not all equal. You’ll feel as uncomfortable as her when she refuses to answer

#3 Can I Book You For Free

When was the last time you offered your employer or client an hour of your free time? Would you expect McDonald to offer you a free Burger at the drive through?

Escorts work to make a living for themselves and take the time and effort to make sure that they look good for your date. This means that she spends a lot on looking good and dressing good and those don’t come cheap.

Booking an Escort

#4 Does Your Family Know You’re an Escort

Some girls are Escorts with the approval of their boyfriends or husbands however most are not in the business of letting their families, friends and casual acquaintances know that they are Escorting as a side business.

The last thing she needs to think about is her family when she should be thinking about making your date the most enjoyable. Sure there are ways for you to find out and that’s only when it is brought up in the natural flow of conversation otherwise you will come off being judgmental

#5 “Aren’t You Ashamed of Escorting”

There is a really good chance that your going to be coming off as sounding very judgmental and dumb. If she was ashamed of being an Escort after that bombshell she’s bound to be even more uncomfortable with you.

Booking escort with Ajman EscortMost Escorts enjoy meeting new people outside of their social circle and see the chance of earning money as a bonus. They usually have an ambition to start a business or finish their studies so personal questions about the shame and morality can put a dampener on anyone’s night out. Don’t be judgmental and take the chance to know her a little bit more.

#6 How Many Guys Have You Dated Today

Big no no unless your wanting your Ego to take a hit this really is none of your business when it comes to dating your gorgeous Escort. She’s there to give her time to you and no one else. Everyone thinks about it however does this information really help you?

Other then making you feel inadequate and her extremely uncomfortable, such questions doesn’t really benefit anyone. You don’t really want to know about her last date who had mad skills in all departments, do you?

#7 “So What’s Your Real Name?”

Escorts usually work under a different name from their real name so as not to draw attention by close relatives and friends to their line of work. So if you’re a new client most escorts will be hesitant in revealing their real names and may even become suspicious of your intentions even if you’re the nicest bloke in the world.

If an escort doesn’t want to reveal her real name to you, don’t take it personally and change the subject to something else.

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